Behind the Precious Feet Pin

Precious Feet

Many pro-lifers have been seen sporting “Precious Feet” pins, but many do not know the incredible story that inspired the design for this famous pin.

The “Precious Feet” pin was inspired by a photo taken by Dr. Russell Sacco, a urologist from Oregon. When abortion was legalized through Roe v. Wade, Dr. Sacco was infuriated. It was shortly after the law was passed that Dr. Sacco met a pathologist who was also pro-life. According to Dr. Sacco, this pathologist “...was supposed to take the children that had been killed and destroy the bodies. But he told me that he didn’t do that; he just didn’t like to do that.”

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Instead, this pathologist preserved the babies’ bodies in a bucket of formaldehyde.

Dr. Sacco received permission from the pathologist to photograph the babies and use the photos to help protect other preborn babies from abortions.

Dr. Sacco photographed each baby and estimated their ages. Dr. Sacco recalled deciding to photograph an image where he “would hold just the child’s feet…” He held the aborted child’s feet inbetween his fingers views could “identify” the size of his hand in comparison to the child’s tiny feet.

After the film was developed, Dr. Sacco recalled that the photograph was much better than he originally thought. He decided that he wouldn’t place a copyright on the photo so that it could be used worldwide. Since then, the photo has gone viral and has been used in numerous flyers, books, pamphlets, and has been used to make pins!

These “Precious Feet” pins are the exact size of a prebon baby’s feet at 10-week-old, the same size and age of the child Dr. Sacco photographed. They have been worn by pro-lifers to remember all the children killed by abortion. They have also been used to save lives.

According to a newsletter from California Right to Life, a pro-life activist from Missouri recounted how the “Precious Feet” pin was used by a friend to save a preborn child from abortion.

Recently one of our friends gave a pair of Precious Feet to a pregnant,
unmarried girl she knew… An abortion was being planned and the girl was
receiving pressure to carry out those plans.

After seeing the feet she couldn’t believe them. The usual, ‘This can’t be true,’ and, ‘I don’t believe it,’ led to further research and examination of just what would be happening if the abortion were carried out. In other words – a life was saved!

These pins have the power to save lives!

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